Bharathanjali Swasraya Gramam (Bharathanjali Self Reliant Village) is a registerd Charitable Trust in Kozhikode District in Kerala State.Bharathanjali is the brain child of Mr. K.V.Krishnan, a simple and dedicated village person from Kerala, the south west coast of India, with a wonderful vision to improve the quality of life of the poor and down-trodden of a small rural area in North Kerala. Mr Krishnan (fondly called Krishnettan by the villagers) has an inspirational dream of organizing a self-reliant village named ‘Bharathanjali’.Krishnettan conducted so many surveys of this village. Krishnettan is also in the process of teaching all the villagers who is part of his self-reliant village, the various ways in which they can reduce wastage. Making the value of their hard earned money go further by being thrifty is something achieved only by practice.Read more..