About Us


Bharathanjali is the brain child of Mr. K.V.Krishnan, a simple and dedicated village person from Kerala, the south west coast of India, with a wonderful vision to improve the quality of life of the poor and down-trodden of a small rural area in North Kerala. Mr Krishnan (fondly called Krishnettan by the villagers) has an inspirational dream of organizing a self-reliant village named ‘Bharathanjali’. Being a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Krishnettan has organized the whole thing in the lines suggested by the father of our nation giving emphasis to rural and cottage industries. These few lines are to promote his vision and to make it known to a wider spectrum of people from around the globe by sending it to a selected group of people using the internet. Bharathanjali is in a place called ‘Chelapram’ which is part of Kakkodi Panchayath (means village or village council) in Kozhikode district, Kerala state in India.Helping each other is the primary motto of Bharathanjali. It’s really heartening to see the benefits of simple, un-selfish way of living slowly improving the conditions of people who are at the very bottom of the social and economic hierarchy in independent India. Despite all the progress we have achieved since independence, the fact remains that we still have a sizable number of people hovering around poverty line along with almost 400 million plus middle classes whose buying power and affluency would easily outnumber that of the European Union put together.This glaring disparity itself is powerful enough to hammer across the message of bharathanjali to the rest of india and perhaps even to the rest of the world.


Our mission includes the process of teaching all the villagers who is part of his self-reliant village, the various ways in which they can reduce wastage. Making the value of their hard earned money go further by being thrifty is something achieved only by practice. Children from an early age are encouraged to respect nature and to carry on with their day to day lives without abusing it.All these were his missions.


Our wonderful vision is to improve the quality of life of the poor and down-trodden of a small rural area in North Kerala.Our aim is to improve the standards of living of all inhabitants by educating them to increase their awareness of the importance of the land around them and also to attain a healthy way of living by injecting a feeling of mutual help and co-operation.


1) According to a private survey for Bharathanjali conducted by Krishnettan, on 5 July 2003 amongst the villagers(near Kakkodi), the following interesting facts about the village came to light:- Houses:

Houses built of concrete (modern) 77
Houses with tiled roof ( traditional) 109
Huts (well below even the village Standards) 13
Houses badly in need of repair 2
Total houses in the village 201
Houses without own wells (for water) 46
Houses without own toilet facilities 25
Houses without electricity 33
Members of the community:
Women 389
Men 349
Girls 137
Boys 106
Total number 981
Grown ups inc. men and women (who are able to work) 732
Of the above employed 317
Unemployed 415

A typical house in the village with thatched roof in old Kerala style

Krishnettan (wearing white dhoti and white shirt with a cloth bag on his shoulder) is seen with 2 village boys, one without an arm but really happy to carry on with his life in a truly positive and inspirational way ! Most of the children here are taught to live happily within their means fully utilizing the limited resources available to them.

In the village we have,
Public wells for drinking water 4
Temples 4
Bishop House 1
Day care centre 2
Nursery School 1
Out of the whole population,
Disabled 11
Mentally Handicapped(who cannot do any work) 6
Retarded 3
Un-Married Women 32
Married couple without male children 45
Over the age of 60 93
The employed of the total population can be categorized as follows:
Government workers, male 9
Government workers, female 9
Labourers, male 206
Labourers, female 28
Auto rickshaw drivers 5
Small shop-keepers 16
News Paper employees 2
Solicitor’s clerk 1
Farmers 8
Employed in Arabian Gulf 8
Taxi and other drivers 18
Solicitor 1
Insurance agent 1
Industrial worker 1
Flour Mill workers 3
Total 317

3) Krishnettan’s 2003 survey further establishes the following facts on the level of general health and education of the village as follows:- Houses:

Out of the total population of the Village, the following illnesses were discovered:
Heart trouble 12
Varicose vein 4
Parkinson’s disease) 2
Stomach problems 2
Fits 5
Cholesterol 2
Slipped disc 6
Cataract 1
Kidney trouble 1
Skin diseases 6
Allergy 16
Asthma 9
Diabetes 31
Blood pressure (high) 58
Blood pressure (low) 3
Migraine 3
Arthritis 2
Piles 2
Tuberculosis 4
Education grades of the villagers were as follows:
Educated up to school final level
Men 100
Women 122
Up to Pre-university
Men 32
Women 50
Up to Degree level
Men 19
Women 50
Diploma holders
Men 3
Women 3

A future bright prospect from the next generation villagers!

Nearly 9 families in the village were given bank loan of Rupees 25,000 ($575 approx) to buy up to 2 cows. In a typical household with 2 cows, these were the Income and Expenditure figures for one year period from 1/11/03 to 30/10/04:

Total income from the sale of milk for the period (3,542 liters at 11 rupees per liter) 38962.00
Sale of cow dung 2000.00
Sale of calf 5000.00
Grass planting – subsidy from local government 800.00 800.00
Total Income for the year Less: Expenditure:, 46,762.00
Total food expenses for cows for the year 20720.00
Hay bought during the period 4680.00
Grass plantation upkeep 6100.00
Vet’s charges 2500.00
Loan repaid (including interest) 6300.00
Excess of Income over Expenditure for the Year Rupees 6,462.00