Future Plans And Goals To Achieve



We provided nearly 9 families in the village were given bank loan of Rupees 25,000 to buy up to 2 cows.By providing loan facilities it helps families to attain growth.


Krishnettan in 2003 conducted survey which further establishes various facts on the level of general health and education of the village. He conducted many surveys to know about the general health care and education facilities.


Krishnettan is also in the process of teaching all the villagers who is part of his self-reliant village, the various ways in which they can reduce wastage.


One final word about Krishnettan’s achievements – He has already set in motion a unique programme of having regular free medical check ups and a free medical diary for all the members of Bharathanjali and that in itself is a unique first perhaps in the world even. We hope we can attract sufficient interest from the organizations outside Kerala and India so that with their help we can make our local bodies here (beyond politics and religion) to understand this beautiful concept and help the deserving people here in “God’s Own Country”.